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DataNucleus is an Open Source development. It is written by many people yet has a broad scope and so is in need of help. Since the software is free, you are benefiting from this work. You have a duty to contribute to the project, particularly if/when you have problems. It should be noted that many people use open source software without the minor intention of contributing anything back to it; thats ok but then should everyone adopt that attitude then things will not get improved, and additionally those people are not in a position to request/expect any improvements that they would like to see (without putting something back in).

You can help the project in many ways. Here are some examples

Obviously, if you contribute to the system in some way then we are more likely to answer your forum questions, or listen to your ideas, so its in your interests to participate. We hope that the above has given you some idea how your time can be used to benefit the common goal of having a quality Java persistence solution free for all to use.

Development Team

The management and direction of DataNucleus is provided by a small team of experienced individuals.

Andy Jefferson : Founder of the DataNucleus project. Has worked on the project since its initiation as JPOX in 2003, and has worked on all plugins. Initiated the support for db4o, ODF, MongoDB, NeoDatis, Neo4j, OOXML, Cassandra, javax.cache, RDBMS connection pools, and much more. Also wrote version 2 of the plugin for GAE/Datastore.

Baris Ergun : Taken over responsibility for the geospatial plugin.

Renato Garcia : worked on the migration to GitHub, test suite flexibility, auto-generation of MANIFESTs, Jenkins/Solar automation, and some more.

Erik Bengtson : Founder of the DataNucleus project. Worked on the project since its initiation as JPOX in 2003, until around 2011. Initiated support for Excel, XML, JSON and HBase. Currently inactive

Stefan Seelmann : Wrote the vast majority of the LDAP plugin. Currently inactive

Thomas Marti : Wrote an amount of the spatial plugin (now renamed to geospatial). Currently inactive

Stefan Schmid : Wrote an amount of the spatial plugin (now renamed to geospatial). Currently inactive

Joerg von Frantzius : worked on the test suite, and RDBMS areas. Currently inactive

In addition to those above, other people have contributed to varying degrees in the development of this software.

DataNucleus tackles a wide range of problem areas - are you interested in contributing to the DataNucleus project and want to get involved? The best way is to become part of the DataNucleus community and start by contributing patches. From that, gain commit rights. Where you take the project to from there is up to you.