Package org.datanucleus.identity

Package defining object identity classes.


Interface Summary
OID Interface for a datastore-identity class to implement.

Class Summary
ByteIdentity Single-Field identity with a byte/Byte field.
CharIdentity Single-Field identity with a char/Character field.
DatastoreUniqueOID Identity for use with datastore-identity where the datastore provides a unique "identity" key per object and hence doesn't need the class name.
IdentityReference Simple identity being a reference to the object itself.
IntIdentity Single-Field identity with an int/Integer field.
LongIdentity Single-Field identity with a long/Long field.
ObjectIdentity Single-Field identity with an Object field.
OIDFactory Factory for OID instances.
OIDImpl An object identifier.
OIDImpl2 Object identifier, typically used for datastore identity.
OIDImpl3 Object identifier, typically used for datastore identity.
SCOID Object identifier for use with nondurable objects to guarantee uniqueness in the JVM (but not in datastore).
ShortIdentity Single-Field identity with a short/Short field.
SingleFieldIdentity Abstract base class for all single-field identity classes.
StringIdentity Single-Field identity with a String field.

Package org.datanucleus.identity Description

Package defining object identity classes. These are used where an API doesnt define its own inbuilt identities.

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