Class ManagementManager

  extended by

public class ManagementManager
extends java.lang.Object

Management interface for JPOX. Management operations and attributes are exposed through this interface that holds statistics linked to a PMF instance. The mechanics for starting and stopping JMX servers are not defined here, and must be done by plug-ins, by providing the implementation of ManagementServer. This Manager controls the lifecycle of management servers. A management server is started when an instance of this class is created, and its shutdown when the close operation is invoked The management server startup is triggered when the Manager gets enabled.

Constructor Summary
ManagementManager(OMFContext ctxt)
          Constructor for Management
Method Summary
 void close()
          Close a instance.
 ManagementServer getManagementServer()
          Object the Management Server
 boolean isOpen()
          Whether this Manager is not closed
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Constructor Detail


public ManagementManager(OMFContext ctxt)
Constructor for Management

ctxt - the ObjectManagerFactory context that we are operating for
Method Detail


public ManagementServer getManagementServer()
Object the Management Server

the Management Server


public boolean isOpen()
Whether this Manager is not closed

true if this Manager is open


public void close()
Close a instance.

NucleusException - if the manager is closed

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