Package org.datanucleus.query.expression

Package providing expressions from which a compiled query is made up.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
ClassExpression Expression representing a candidate in a from clause.
CreatorExpression Expression representing something like "new X.Y.Z([param1[,param2[,param3]]])".
DyadicExpression Expression between two other expressions and an operation.
Expression A Scalar expression in a Query.
Expression.DyadicOperator "Dyadic" operator performs operation on one or two operands
Expression.MonadicOperator "Monadic" operator performs a function on one operand.
Expression.Operator Inner class representing an Operator
ExpressionCompiler Compiler for expressions.
InvokeExpression Expression representing invocation of a method.
JoinExpression Expression representing a join between a candidate class, and the class of a field of the first class.
Literal Literal of some type (String, Double, Long, BigDecimal, etc).
OrderExpression Expression as part of an ordering clause.
ParameterExpression Expression representing an implicit parameter.
PrimaryExpression Expression for a primary object.

Exception Summary
PrimaryExpressionIsClassLiteralException Exception thrown when compiling a PrimaryExpression and we find that it really represents a Class literal, and so should be swapped in the Node tree.

Package org.datanucleus.query.expression Description

Package providing expressions from which a compiled query is made up.

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