Uses of Interface

Packages that use Symbol
org.datanucleus.query.expression Package providing expressions from which a compiled query is made up. 
org.datanucleus.query.node Package providing definition of nodes in the compiled query. 
org.datanucleus.query.symbol Package providing information relating to the symbol table of the query. 

Uses of Symbol in org.datanucleus.query.expression

Fields in org.datanucleus.query.expression declared as Symbol
protected  Symbol Expression.symbol

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.expression that return Symbol
 Symbol CreatorExpression.bind()
abstract  Symbol Expression.bind()
 Symbol JoinExpression.bind()
 Symbol PrimaryExpression.bind()
 Symbol VariableExpression.bind()
 Symbol Literal.bind()
 Symbol OrderExpression.bind()
 Symbol ParameterExpression.bind()
 Symbol InvokeExpression.bind()
 Symbol ClassExpression.bind()
 Symbol DyadicExpression.bind()
 Symbol Expression.getSymbol()

Uses of Symbol in org.datanucleus.query.node

Fields in org.datanucleus.query.node declared as Symbol
protected  Symbol Node.symbol

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.node that return Symbol
 Symbol Node.getSymbol()

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.node with parameters of type Symbol
 void Node.setSymbol(Symbol symbol)

Uses of Symbol in org.datanucleus.query.symbol

Classes in org.datanucleus.query.symbol that implement Symbol
 class PropertySymbol
          Symbol representing a property/identifier in a query.

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.symbol that return Symbol
 Symbol SymbolTable.getSymbol(java.lang.String name)

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.symbol with parameters of type Symbol
 int SymbolTable.addSymbol(Symbol symbol)

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