Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore.


Interface Summary
AutoStartMechanism Interface defining an Auto-Start Mechanism.
Extent Extent of objects within DataNucleus.
FieldValues Interface for field values.
NucleusConnection Access to the underlying DataStore Connection.
NucleusSequence Sequence of identifiers.
StoreManager Interface defining management of a datastore.
StorePersistenceHandler Interface defining persistence operations of a StoreManager.

Class Summary
AbstractAutoStartMechanism Abstract representation of an autostart mechanism.
AbstractExtent Abstract representation of a JDO Extent.
AbstractStoreManager An abstract representation of a Store Manager.
ClassesAutoStarter An auto-starter mechanism that uses a defined list of classes to be loaded at start.
DefaultCandidateExtent Extent that does a simple JDOQL query for the candidate with/without subclasses.
FederationManager Federation Manager orchestrates the persistence in multiple datastores
NucleusConnectionImpl Representation of a datastore connection.
StoreData Basic store information about an object that is stored in a datastore.
StoreDataManager StoreData Cache Manager
StoreManagerFactory Factory for creating StoreManagers.
XMLAutoStarter An auto-starter mechanism storing its definition in an XML file.
XMLAutoStarterEntityResolver Implementation of an entity resolver for Auto Starter files.

Package Description

Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore. Each type of datastore will have its own subpackage (e.g and its own StoreManager. When providing support for a new datastore you need to extend AbstractStoreManager.

The package also provides definition of StoreData - data held about each class and utilised by the StoreManager to perform its duties. This data is populated either at runtime when classes are requested, or when using an "auto-starter". There are several auto-start mechanisms. This package has ClassesAutoStarter and XMLAutoStarter.

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