Package providing implementation of query language support for datastores.


Interface Summary
QueryResult Lazy collection results from a Query.
ResultObjectFactory An object that reads result set rows and returns corresponding object(s) from them.

Class Summary
AbstractJavaQuery Abstract representation of a Java-based query.
AbstractJDOQLQuery Abstract representation of a JDOQL query.
AbstractJPQLQuery Abstract representation of a JPQL query used by DataNucleus.
AbstractQueryResult Abstract representation of a QueryResult.
AbstractQueryResultIterator Abstract implementation of an iterator for query results.
AbstractSQLQuery Base definition of a query using SQL.
Query Abstract implementation for all queries in DataNucleus.
QueryCompiler Base definition of a query compiler for a query language.
QueryManager Manages the runtime, metadata and lifecycle of queries.
QueryResultsMetaData Metadata for query results.

Exception Summary
NoQueryResultsException Exception thrown from internal query mechanism if no results are returned.
QueryCompilerSyntaxException Exception thrown when a query compiler finds an error relative to the expected syntax.
QueryInvalidParametersException Exception thrown when invalid arguments/parameters are given.
QueryNotUniqueException This exception is thrown when a user runs a Query and has marked it as UNIQUE, but it returns more than 1 object.

Package Description

Package providing implementation of query language support for datastores. Classes provided here are typically extended by datastore packages to provide their own support for JDOQL, JPQL, SQL etc.

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