Uses of Interface

Packages that use SymbolResolver
org.datanucleus.query.compiler Package handling the compilation of queries. 
org.datanucleus.query.symbol Package providing information relating to the symbol table of the query. 

Uses of SymbolResolver in org.datanucleus.query.compiler

Classes in org.datanucleus.query.compiler that implement SymbolResolver
 class JavaQueryCompiler
          Typical implementation of a compiler for a java-based query language.
 class JDOQLCompiler
          Implementation of a compiler for JDOQL (JSR0012, JSR0243).
 class JPQLCompiler
          Implementation of a compiler for JPQL (JSR0220, JSR0317).
 class SQLCompiler
          Implementation of a compiler for SQL (simplified ANSI-like SQL for non-RDBMS).

Uses of SymbolResolver in org.datanucleus.query.symbol

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.symbol that return SymbolResolver
 SymbolResolver SymbolTable.getSymbolResolver()

Methods in org.datanucleus.query.symbol with parameters of type SymbolResolver
 void SymbolTable.setSymbolResolver(SymbolResolver resolver)

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