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org.datanucleus.metadata Provides classes representing the MetaData for files, packages, classes, fields, containers, etc. Package providing mappings for all supported Java types in DataNucleus. 

Uses of ColumnMetaDataContainer in org.datanucleus.metadata

Classes in org.datanucleus.metadata that implement ColumnMetaDataContainer
 class AbstractElementMetaData
          This element specifies the mapping for the element component of arrays and collections.
 class AbstractMemberMetaData
          Abstract representation of MetaData for a field/property of a class/interface.
 class ElementMetaData
          This element specifies the mapping for the element component of arrays and collections.
 class FieldMetaData
          Representation of the Meta-Data for a field of a class.
 class ForeignKeyMetaData
          Foreign keys in metadata serve two quite different purposes.
 class IdentityMetaData
          Meta-Data for the datastore-identity of a class.
 class IndexMetaData
          For schema generation, it might be useful to specify that a column or columns be indexed, and to provide the name of the index.
 class JoinMetaData
          Secondary tables and join tables are mapped using a join condition that associates a column or columns in the secondary or join table with a column or columns in the primary table, typically the primary tables primary key columns.
 class KeyMetaData
          This element specifies the mapping for the key component of maps.
 class OrderMetaData
          Representation of Order MetaData - the ordering of the elements of a List.
 class PrimaryKeyMetaData
          Representation of a primary key constraint.
 class PropertyMetaData
          The property element declares mapping between a virtual field of an implemented interface and the corresponding persistent field of a persistence-capable class.
 class UniqueMetaData
          MetaData representing a unique constraint.
 class ValueMetaData
          This element specifies the mapping for the value component of maps.

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Constructors in with parameters of type ColumnMetaDataContainer
CorrespondentColumnsMapper(ColumnMetaDataContainer columnContainer, ColumnMetaData[] colmds, JavaTypeMapping mappingSideB, boolean updateContainer)
CorrespondentColumnsMapper(ColumnMetaDataContainer columnContainer, JavaTypeMapping mappingSideB, boolean updateContainer)

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