Class ParameterNode

  extended by org.datanucleus.query.node.Node
      extended by org.datanucleus.query.node.ParameterNode

public class ParameterNode
extends Node

Node representing a parameter. This is sub-classed so that we can store the parameter position at compile.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.datanucleus.query.node.Node
ARRAY, CAST, childNodes, CLASS, CREATOR, IDENTIFIER, INVOKE, LITERAL, NAME, nodeType, nodeValue, OPERATOR, PARAMETER, parent, properties, SUBQUERY, symbol, TYPE
Constructor Summary
ParameterNode(int nodeType, int position)
          Constructor for parameter node without a defined value.
ParameterNode(int nodeType, java.lang.Object nodeValue, int position)
Method Summary
 int getPosition()
Methods inherited from class org.datanucleus.query.node.Node
addProperty, appendChildNode, appendChildNode, appendChildNode, getChildNode, getChildNodes, getFirstChild, getNextChild, getNodeChildId, getNodeId, getNodeType, getNodeValue, getParent, getProperties, getSymbol, hasNextChild, hasProperties, insertChildNode, removeChildNode, setParent, setSymbol, toString
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Constructor Detail


public ParameterNode(int nodeType,
                     int position)
Constructor for parameter node without a defined value.

nodeType -
position - Position


public ParameterNode(int nodeType,
                     java.lang.Object nodeValue,
                     int position)
nodeType -
nodeValue -
position -
Method Detail


public int getPosition()

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