Class NucleusConnectionImpl

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class NucleusConnectionImpl
extends java.lang.Object
implements NucleusConnection

Representation of a datastore connection. Provides access to the native connection for the datastore.

Field Summary
protected static Localiser LOCALISER
          Localisation utility for output messages
Constructor Summary
NucleusConnectionImpl(java.lang.Object conn, java.lang.Runnable onClose)
          Constructor for a datastore connection holder.
Method Summary
 void close()
          Method to close the connection.
 java.lang.Object getNativeConnection()
          Accessor for the native connection for this datastore.
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Field Detail


protected static final Localiser LOCALISER
Localisation utility for output messages

Constructor Detail


public NucleusConnectionImpl(java.lang.Object conn,
                             java.lang.Runnable onClose)
Constructor for a datastore connection holder.

conn - The native connection
onClose - What to perform on closure
Method Detail


public void close()
Method to close the connection. Performs whatever action was specified at creation.

Specified by:
close in interface NucleusConnection
NucleusUserException - Thrown if the connection is no longer available.


public java.lang.Object getNativeConnection()
Accessor for the native connection for this datastore. For RDBMS this would be a java.sql.Connection, or for db4o an ObjectContainer etc.

Specified by:
getNativeConnection in interface NucleusConnection
The native connection

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