Class CollectionSubqueryExpression

  extended by
      extended by

public class CollectionSubqueryExpression
extends ScalarExpression

An expression for collections whose contents are expressed as a SQL subquery.

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Nested Class Summary
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ScalarExpression.DatastoreFieldExpression, ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator, ScalarExpression.ExpressionList, ScalarExpression.IllegalArgumentTypeException, ScalarExpression.IllegalOperationException, ScalarExpression.MethodInvocationException, ScalarExpression.MonadicOperator, ScalarExpression.Operator
Field Summary
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aliasIdentifier, checkForTypeAssignability, expressionList, FILTER, LOCALISER, lowestOperator, mapping, OP_ADD, OP_AND, OP_BETWEEN, OP_COM, OP_CONCAT, OP_DIV, OP_EQ, OP_GT, OP_GTEQ, OP_IN, OP_IS, OP_ISNOT, OP_LIKE, OP_LT, OP_LTEQ, OP_MOD, OP_MUL, OP_NEG, OP_NOT, OP_NOTEQ, OP_NOTIN, OP_NOTLIKE, OP_OR, OP_SUB, parameterName, PROJECTION, qs, st, te
Constructor Summary
CollectionSubqueryExpression(QueryExpression qs, QueryExpression subquery)
Method Summary
 BooleanExpression containsMethod(ScalarExpression expr)
          Contains method
 BooleanExpression isEmptyMethod()
          isEmpty method
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accessField, add, and, as, assertValidTypeForParameterComparison, callMethod, cast, checkForTypeAssignability, com, div, encloseWithInParentheses, eor, eq, equals, getAlias, getConsistentTypeForParameterComparison, getExpressionList, getLogicSetExpression, getMapping, getNonAliasExpression, getQueryExpression, gt, gteq, in, instanceOf, ior, lt, lteq, mod, mul, neg, not, noteq, setParameterName, sub, toStatementText, toString
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Constructor Detail


public CollectionSubqueryExpression(QueryExpression qs,
                                    QueryExpression subquery)

qs - The main Query Statement
subquery - The subquery Query Statement.
Method Detail


public BooleanExpression containsMethod(ScalarExpression expr)
Contains method

expr - the searched value represented by the expression
boolean true expression if this Collection contains the element expr


public BooleanExpression isEmptyMethod()
isEmpty method

boolean true expression if this Collection has no elements

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