Class InExpression

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

public class InExpression
extends BooleanExpression

Expression for something being "in"/"not in" something else.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class
ScalarExpression.DatastoreFieldExpression, ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator, ScalarExpression.ExpressionList, ScalarExpression.IllegalArgumentTypeException, ScalarExpression.IllegalOperationException, ScalarExpression.MethodInvocationException, ScalarExpression.MonadicOperator, ScalarExpression.Operator
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
aliasIdentifier, checkForTypeAssignability, expressionList, FILTER, LOCALISER, lowestOperator, mapping, OP_ADD, OP_AND, OP_BETWEEN, OP_COM, OP_CONCAT, OP_DIV, OP_EQ, OP_GT, OP_GTEQ, OP_IN, OP_IS, OP_ISNOT, OP_LIKE, OP_LT, OP_LTEQ, OP_MOD, OP_MUL, OP_NEG, OP_NOT, OP_NOTEQ, OP_NOTIN, OP_NOTLIKE, OP_OR, OP_SUB, parameterName, PROJECTION, qs, st, te
Constructor Summary
InExpression(ScalarExpression expr1, ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator op, ScalarExpression expr2)
          Constructor for expr1 being IN expr2.
Method Summary
 BooleanExpression not()
          Method to return a boolean expression for expr1 NOT IN expr2.
Methods inherited from class
and, eor, eq, in, ior, neg, noteq
Methods inherited from class
accessField, add, as, assertValidTypeForParameterComparison, callMethod, cast, checkForTypeAssignability, com, div, encloseWithInParentheses, equals, getAlias, getConsistentTypeForParameterComparison, getExpressionList, getLogicSetExpression, getMapping, getNonAliasExpression, getQueryExpression, gt, gteq, instanceOf, lt, lteq, mod, mul, setParameterName, sub, toStatementText, toString
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clone, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public InExpression(ScalarExpression expr1,
                    ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator op,
                    ScalarExpression expr2)
Constructor for expr1 being IN expr2.

op - the operator (OP_IN, OP_NOTIN)
expr1 - the expression being contained
expr2 - the expression that contains
Method Detail


public BooleanExpression not()
Method to return a boolean expression for expr1 NOT IN expr2.

not in class BooleanExpression
The boolean expression for NOT IN

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