Class MapValueLiteral

  extended by
      extended by

public class MapValueLiteral
extends ScalarExpression

An SQL expression that will test if a column of a table falls within the given Map's values. This is used for Querys where a transient Map is passed in as a parameter.

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ScalarExpression.DatastoreFieldExpression, ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator, ScalarExpression.ExpressionList, ScalarExpression.IllegalArgumentTypeException, ScalarExpression.IllegalOperationException, ScalarExpression.MethodInvocationException, ScalarExpression.MonadicOperator, ScalarExpression.Operator
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aliasIdentifier, checkForTypeAssignability, expressionList, FILTER, LOCALISER, lowestOperator, mapping, OP_ADD, OP_AND, OP_BETWEEN, OP_COM, OP_CONCAT, OP_DIV, OP_EQ, OP_GT, OP_GTEQ, OP_IN, OP_IS, OP_ISNOT, OP_LIKE, OP_LT, OP_LTEQ, OP_MOD, OP_MUL, OP_NEG, OP_NOT, OP_NOTEQ, OP_NOTIN, OP_NOTLIKE, OP_OR, OP_SUB, parameterName, PROJECTION, qs, st, te
Constructor Summary
MapValueLiteral(QueryExpression qs, JavaTypeMapping mapping, java.util.Map map)
Method Summary
 BooleanExpression containsMethod(ScalarExpression expr)
          Method to check the containing of a key in the Map.
 BooleanExpression isEmptyMethod()
          Method to check for emptiness of the collection.
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Constructor Detail


public MapValueLiteral(QueryExpression qs,
                       JavaTypeMapping mapping,
                       java.util.Map map)

qs - The QueryStatement the MapValueLiteral will be used in.
mapping - The mapping to the Map
map - The transient Map that is the value.
Method Detail


public BooleanExpression containsMethod(ScalarExpression expr)
Method to check the containing of a key in the Map. Return the BooleanExpression that results from MapValueLiteral.contains(SQLExpression).

expr - The SQLExpression that is checked for membership in the Map.
The BooleanExpression that results from MapValueLiteral.contains(SQLExpression).


public BooleanExpression isEmptyMethod()
Method to check for emptiness of the collection.

The BooleanExpression.

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