Class MetaDataStringLiteral

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public class MetaDataStringLiteral
extends StringLiteral

Representation of a metadata string literal.

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ScalarExpression.DatastoreFieldExpression, ScalarExpression.DyadicOperator, ScalarExpression.ExpressionList, ScalarExpression.IllegalArgumentTypeException, ScalarExpression.IllegalOperationException, ScalarExpression.MethodInvocationException, ScalarExpression.MonadicOperator, ScalarExpression.Operator
Field Summary
static java.lang.String QUERY_META_DATA
          Column name DataNucleus uses for MetaData information (containing the class name of that row).
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Constructor Summary
MetaDataStringLiteral(QueryExpression qs, java.lang.String value)
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String QUERY_META_DATA
Column name DataNucleus uses for MetaData information (containing the class name of that row).

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Constructor Detail


public MetaDataStringLiteral(QueryExpression qs,
                             java.lang.String value)

qs - The QueryExpression
value - The metadata value

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