This package provides classes for the management of datastores that are "mapped".


Interface Summary
DatastoreAdapter Definition of a datastore adapter.
DatastoreClass Representation of a Java class in a datastore.
DatastoreContainerObject This represents a container of fields.
DatastoreElementContainer Class representing a container of elements (collection/array) mapped in a datastore (join table).
DatastoreField Representation of a Java field (component) in a datastore.
DatastoreIdentifier Representation of an datastore identifier in an ORM datastore.
DatastoreMap Class representing a map mapped in a datastore (join table).
IdentifierFactory Factory that creates immutable instances of DatastoreIdentifier.
SecondaryDatastoreClass Secondary datastore class, managing the mapping of some of the fields of the class and dependent on a DatastoreClass.

Class Summary
ColumnCreator Helper class to create columns.
MappedStoreData Representation of a class/field managed by the StoreManager where the datastore persists objects into a "DatastoreClass" (table).
MappedStoreManager Manager for a datastore that has a schema and maps classes to associated objects in the datastore.
MappedTypeManager Registry of java type mapping support.
StatementClassMapping Definition of statement mapping for a particular class.
StatementMappingIndex Representation of a mapping in a statement (such as JDBC), and its mapping to the associated column(s) or parameters that the mapping relates to.
StatementNewObjectMapping Definition of the mapping of a new object definition in the results of a statement.
StatementParameterMapping Definition of the mapping of parameters in a datastore statement.
StatementResultMapping Definition of the mapping of result expressions in a datastore statement.

Enum Summary
IdentifierCase Enum defining the types of cases that mapped component identifiers can be stored in.
IdentifierType Enum defining the type of component that the identifier is for.

Package Description

This package provides classes for the management of datastores that are "mapped". That is, any datastore that needs information for classes/fields to be mapped into tables/columns. This type of datastore would be something like RDBMS, which uses all of the concepts provided, or also Google BigTable that supports some ORM concepts.

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