Value Generation.


Interface Summary
ValueGenerationConnectionProvider Connection provider for a ValueGenerator that requires connections to their datastore.
ValueGenerator Generator interface for values.

Class Summary
AbstractDatastoreGenerator Abstract representation of a ValueGenerator for a datastore.
AbstractGenerator Abstract value generator.
AbstractUIDGenerator Value generator for a UID format.
AbstractUUIDGenerator Value generator for a UUID format.
AUIDGenerator This generator uses a Java implementation of DCE UUIDs to create unique identifiers without the overhead of additional database transactions or even an open database connection.
TimestampGenerator Value generator for timestamps.
TimestampValueGenerator Value generator for timestamp values (millisecs).
UUIDHexGenerator Value generator for a UUID hexadecimal format.
UUIDStringGenerator Value generator for a UUID String format.
ValueGenerationBlock Representation of a block of values.
ValueGenerationManager Manager for the creation of ValueGenerators.

Exception Summary
ValueGenerationException General class to throw exceptions in generators.

Package Description

Value Generation. This package provides a series of classes providing generation of values. The entry point is ValueGenerationManager which is used for creating and managing the various ValueGenerators. All generators are known by a symbolic name and can be accessed from the ValueGenerationManager via that name once created. All ValueGenerators copy the JDO2 "javax.jdo.datastore.Sequence" interface method names and hence can be easily extended and implement that interface.

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