Class SoftLevel2Cache

  extended by org.datanucleus.cache.WeakLevel2Cache
      extended by org.datanucleus.cache.SoftLevel2Cache
All Implemented Interfaces:, Level2Cache

public class SoftLevel2Cache
extends WeakLevel2Cache

Soft implementation of a Level 2 cache. The second (unpinned) map stores soft references meaning that they may be garbage collected only if necessary by the JVM.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.datanucleus.cache.WeakLevel2Cache
apiAdapter, pinnedCache, pinnedClasses, pinnedIds, unpinnedCache
Constructor Summary
SoftLevel2Cache(OMFContext omfCtx)
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clear, close, containsOid, evict, evictAll, evictAll, evictAll, evictAll, get, getNumberOfPinnedObjects, getNumberOfUnpinnedObjects, getSize, isEmpty, pin, pinAll, pinAll, pinAll, put, unpin, unpinAll, unpinAll, unpinAll
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Constructor Detail


public SoftLevel2Cache(OMFContext omfCtx)

omfCtx - OMF Context

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