Package org.datanucleus.jdo

Package providing components specific to JDO persistence.


Class Summary
FieldInstanceLifecycleEvent Extension to InstanceLifecycleEvent where the event can relate to specific field providing access to the field names that are affected by this event.
JDOAdapter Adapter for the JDO API, to allow the DataNucleus core runtime to expose multiple APIs to clients.
JDOCallbackHandler CallbackHandler implementation for JDO.
JDOClassNameConstants Class providing names of common JDO classes to aid performance.
JDOConnectionImpl Implementation of a generic JDO connection for non-RDBMS datastores.
JDODataStoreCache Implementation of the JDO DataStoreCache.
JDOExtent Wrapper implementation of a JDO Extent.
JDOFetchGroup Implementation of a FetchGroup for JDO.
JDOFetchPlan Implementation of a FetchPlan for JDO.
JDOPersistenceManager Provide the basics of a JDO PersistenceManager using an underlying ObjectManager to perform the actual persistence.
JDOPersistenceManagerFactory Implementation of a JDO PersistenceManagerFactory, used to obtain PersistenceManager instances.
JDOPersistenceManagerProxy Implementation of a JDO persistence manager proxy.
JDOQuery Wrapper for JDO Query class.
JDOQueryCache Implementation of the JDO QueryCache.
JDOReplicationManager Manager to control the replication of objects from one datastore to another.
JDOSequence Basic generic implementation of a JDO2 datastore sequence.
JDOTransaction Wrapper for the transaction for use by JDO.
LifecycleListenerForClass Wrapper for a LifecycleListener for an array of classes.
NucleusJDOHelper Helper for persistence operations with DataNucleus.

Package org.datanucleus.jdo Description

Package providing components specific to JDO persistence.

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