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Packages that use ElementMetaData
org.datanucleus.jdo.metadata Package providing classes specific to processing of JDO XML MetaData and annotations, building on the generic code under the package org.datanucleus.metadata 
org.datanucleus.metadata Provides classes representing the MetaData for files, packages, classes, fields, containers, etc. 

Uses of ElementMetaData in org.datanucleus.jdo.metadata

Methods in org.datanucleus.jdo.metadata that return ElementMetaData
 ElementMetaData ElementMetadataImpl.getInternal()

Constructors in org.datanucleus.jdo.metadata with parameters of type ElementMetaData
ElementMetadataImpl(ElementMetaData internal)

Uses of ElementMetaData in org.datanucleus.metadata

Fields in org.datanucleus.metadata declared as ElementMetaData
protected  ElementMetaData AbstractMemberMetaData.elementMetaData

Methods in org.datanucleus.metadata that return ElementMetaData
 ElementMetaData AbstractMemberMetaData.getElementMetaData()
          Accessor for elementMetaData
 ElementMetaData AbstractMemberMetaData.newElementMetaData()
          Method to create a new element metadata, set it, and return it.

Methods in org.datanucleus.metadata with parameters of type ElementMetaData
 void AbstractMemberMetaData.setElementMetaData(ElementMetaData elementMetaData)
          Mutator for the element MetaData

Constructors in org.datanucleus.metadata with parameters of type ElementMetaData
ElementMetaData(ElementMetaData emd)
          Constructor to create a copy of the passed metadata using the provided parent.

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