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Packages that use TemporalExpression
org.datanucleus.jdo.query Package providing DataNucleus' implementation of a typesafe query mechanism, primarily JDOQL. 
org.datanucleus.query.typesafe Package providing a typesafe query mechanism, primarily for JDO. 

Uses of TemporalExpression in org.datanucleus.jdo.query

Classes in org.datanucleus.jdo.query that implement TemporalExpression
 class DateExpressionImpl<T>
          Implementation of a Date expression.
 class DateTimeExpressionImpl
          Implementation of a DateTime expression.
 class TimeExpressionImpl<T>
          Implementation of a Time expression.

Uses of TemporalExpression in org.datanucleus.query.typesafe

Subinterfaces of TemporalExpression in org.datanucleus.query.typesafe
 interface DateExpression<T>
          Representation of a date in a query.
 interface DateTimeExpression<T>
          Representation of a date-time type in a query.
 interface TimeExpression<T>
          Representation of a time in a query.

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