Package org.datanucleus.query.typesafe

Package providing a typesafe query mechanism, primarily for JDO.


Interface Summary
BooleanExpression Representation of a boolean expression.
ByteExpression Representation of a byte expression.
CharacterExpression Representation of a character expression.
CollectionExpression<T extends Collection<E>,E> Representation of a collection in a query.
ComparableExpression<T> Representation of an expression for a Java type that implements java.lang.Comparable.
DateExpression<T> Representation of a date in a query.
DateTimeExpression<T> Representation of a date-time type in a query.
EnumExpression<T> Representation of an Enum in a query.
Expression<T> Representation of an expression in a query.
ListExpression<T extends List<E>,E> Representation of a List in a query.
MapExpression<T extends Map<K,V>,K,V> Representation of a map in a query.
NumericExpression<T> Representation of a numeric expression.
ObjectExpression<T> Representation of an Object as an expression.
OrderExpression<T> Expression representing the ordering using an expression and a direction.
PersistableExpression<T> Expression representing a persistable object in a query (e.g alias.persistableField).
StringExpression Representation of a string in a query.
SubqueryExpression Representation of a subquery in a query.
TemporalExpression<T> Representation of a temporal type in a query.
TimeExpression<T> Representation of a time in a query.
TypesafeQuery<T> Interface for a type-safe query, using a fluent API.
TypesafeSubquery<T> Interface for a type-safe subquery, using a fluent API.

Enum Summary

Package org.datanucleus.query.typesafe Description

Package providing a typesafe query mechanism, primarily for JDO. Fields/Params/Vars of a persistable type are represented as PathExpression. This type is extended by all "Q" classes, to provide access to persistable fields. Fields/Params/Vars of a container type are represented as CollectionExpression, MapExpression Fields/Params/Vars of other types, or literals are represented by

This package is likely to be renamed "javax.jdo.query" in the future when it makes its way into JDO.

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