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Packages that use ActivityState
org.datanucleus This package provides classes that are typically externally called, whether that means by developers or by other DataNucleus plugins. 
org.datanucleus.jdo.state Definition of lifecycle states when providing JDO persistence 
org.datanucleus.state Provides classes relating to the life cycle state of a persistable object. Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore. 

Uses of ActivityState in org.datanucleus

Methods in org.datanucleus with parameters of type ActivityState
 void StateManager.changeActivityState(ActivityState activityState)
          Update the acitvity state.

Uses of ActivityState in org.datanucleus.jdo.state

Methods in org.datanucleus.jdo.state with parameters of type ActivityState
 void JDOStateManagerImpl.addInsertionNotifier(StateManager sm, ActivityState activityState)
          Method to add a notifier that we must contact when we have finished our insertion.
 void JDOStateManagerImpl.changeActivityState(ActivityState activityState)
          Change the activity state.

Uses of ActivityState in org.datanucleus.state

Fields in org.datanucleus.state declared as ActivityState
static ActivityState ActivityState.DELETING
          Deleting the object.
static ActivityState ActivityState.INSERTING
          Inserting the object.
static ActivityState ActivityState.INSERTING_CALLBACKS
          Running callbacks after the insert of the object.
static ActivityState ActivityState.NONE
          No current activity.

Methods in org.datanucleus.state that return ActivityState
static ActivityState ActivityState.getActivityState(java.lang.String value)
          Obtain the ActivityState for the given name by value

Methods in org.datanucleus.state with parameters of type ActivityState
 void ObjectProviderImpl.changeActivityState(ActivityState inserting)

Uses of ActivityState in

Methods in with parameters of type ActivityState
 void ObjectProvider.changeActivityState(ActivityState inserting)

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