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Packages that use LifeCycleState
org.datanucleus This package provides classes that are typically externally called, whether that means by developers or by other DataNucleus plugins. 
org.datanucleus.api Provides adapters for different client APIs, like JDO, JPA and so on. 
org.datanucleus.jdo Package providing components specific to JDO persistence. 
org.datanucleus.jdo.state Definition of lifecycle states when providing JDO persistence 
org.datanucleus.state Provides classes relating to the life cycle state of a persistable object. Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore. 

Uses of LifeCycleState in org.datanucleus

Methods in org.datanucleus that return LifeCycleState
 LifeCycleState StateManager.getLifecycleState()
          Accessor for the LifeCycleState

Uses of LifeCycleState in org.datanucleus.api

Methods in org.datanucleus.api that return LifeCycleState
 LifeCycleState ApiAdapter.getLifeCycleState(int stateType)
          Returns the LifeCycleState for the state constant.

Uses of LifeCycleState in org.datanucleus.jdo

Methods in org.datanucleus.jdo that return LifeCycleState
 LifeCycleState JDOAdapter.getLifeCycleState(int stateType)
          Returns the LifeCycleState for the state constant.

Uses of LifeCycleState in org.datanucleus.jdo.state

Methods in org.datanucleus.jdo.state that return LifeCycleState
static LifeCycleState LifeCycleStateFactory.getLifeCycleState(int stateType)
          Returns the LifeCycleState for the state constant.

Uses of LifeCycleState in org.datanucleus.state

Fields in org.datanucleus.state declared as LifeCycleState
protected  LifeCycleState AbstractStateManager.myLC
          The actual LifeCycleState for the persistable instance

Methods in org.datanucleus.state that return LifeCycleState
protected  LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.changeState(StateManager sm, int newStateType)
          Utility to change state to a new state.
protected  LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.changeTransientState(StateManager sm, int newStateType)
          Utility to change state to a new state.
 LifeCycleState AbstractStateManager.getLifecycleState()
          Accessor for the LifeCycleState
 LifeCycleState ObjectProviderImpl.getLifecycleState()
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionAttach(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to persistent-clean.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionBegin(StateManager sm, Transaction tx)
          Method to transition to transaction begin state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionCommit(StateManager sm, Transaction tx)
          Method to transition to commit state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionDeletePersistent(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to delete persistent state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionDetach(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to detached-clean.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionEvict(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to evict state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionMakeNontransactional(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to nontransactional state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionMakePersistent(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to persistent state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionMakeTransactional(StateManager sm, boolean refreshFields)
          Method to transition to transactional state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionMakeTransient(StateManager sm, boolean useFetchPlan, boolean detachAllOnCommit)
          Method to transition to transient state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionReadField(StateManager sm, boolean isLoaded)
          Method to transition to read-field state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionRefresh(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to refresh state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionRetrieve(StateManager sm, boolean fgOnly)
          Method to transition to retrieve state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionRetrieve(StateManager sm, FetchPlan fetchPlan)
          Method to transition to retrieve state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionRollback(StateManager sm, Transaction tx)
          Method to transition to rollback state.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionSerialize(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition when serialised.
 LifeCycleState LifeCycleState.transitionWriteField(StateManager sm)
          Method to transition to write-field state.

Constructors in org.datanucleus.state with parameters of type LifeCycleState
IllegalStateTransitionException(LifeCycleState state, java.lang.String transition, StateManager sm)
          Constructs an illegal state transition exception.

Uses of LifeCycleState in

Methods in that return LifeCycleState
 LifeCycleState ObjectProvider.getLifecycleState()

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