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Packages that use FieldConsumer Package providing managers for fields which give a mechanism for navigating through fields of a class and performing operations based on the type of the field. Provides the mechanism for supporting mutable Second-Class Objects (SCOs). 

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Subinterfaces of FieldConsumer in
 interface FieldManager
          Provide methods to fetch from/to a persistable object to/from the StateManager/DataStore.

Classes in that implement FieldConsumer
 class AbstractFetchFieldManager
          Base field manager for handling the fetching of fields.
 class AbstractFieldManager
          Abstract representation of a field manager.
 class AttachFieldManager
          Utility class to handle the attach of fields.
 class CachePopulateFieldManager
          Field manager to handle the population of a CachedPC object ready for putting in the L2 cache.
 class CacheRetrieveFieldManager
          FieldManager to handle the retrieval of fields from a L2 cached object into a managed object.
 class DeleteFieldManager
          Field manager that deletes all "dependent" PC objects referenced from the source object.
 class DetachFieldManager
          FieldManager to handle the detachment of fields with persistable objects.
 class LoadFieldManager
          Field Manager to handle loading all fields of all objects in the fetch plan.
 class MakeTransientFieldManager
          Field Manager to handle the making transient of fields.
 class NullifyRelationFieldManager
          Manager that nullifies any Collection/Map/PC fields of the object.
 class PersistFieldManager
          Field manager that perists all unpersisted PC objects referenced from the source object.
 class ReachabilityFieldManager
          Field manager that runs reachability on all PC objects referenced from the source object.
 class SingleTypeFieldManager
          A simple field manager that stores/fetches a single field value per type in memory.
 class SingleValueFieldManager
          Field manager for single field.

Uses of FieldConsumer in

Classes in that implement FieldConsumer
 class UnsetOwners
          Utility class to handle the unsetting of owner fields.

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