Class CharacterMapping

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

public class CharacterMapping
extends SingleFieldMapping

Mapping for Character type. In RDBMS, this mapping can be stored in INT or CHAR columns. The use of INT columns facilitates greater than, less than operations within queries etc.

Field Summary
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datastoreContainer, datastoreMappings, LOCALISER, mmd, referenceMapping, roleForMember, storeMgr, type
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 int getDefaultLength(int index)
          Method to return the default length of this type in the datastore.
 java.lang.Class getJavaType()
          Accessor for the java type being mapped.
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Constructor Detail


public CharacterMapping()
Method Detail


public java.lang.Class getJavaType()
Description copied from class: JavaTypeMapping
Accessor for the java type being mapped. This is the java type that the mapping represents. Some examples : The "java type" is the java-type name used in the plugin.xml mapping file

Specified by:
getJavaType in class JavaTypeMapping
The java type


public int getDefaultLength(int index)
Method to return the default length of this type in the datastore. Character(char will need a single character!

getDefaultLength in class SingleFieldMapping
index - The index position
The default length

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