Class EmbeddedElementPCMapping

  extended by
      extended by
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public class EmbeddedElementPCMapping
extends EmbeddedMapping

Mapping for a PersistenceCapable object stored in an embedded collection within a PersistenceCapable object. Provides mapping for a single Java type (the element PC type) to multiple datastore columns.

Field Summary
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datastoreContainer, datastoreMappings, LOCALISER, mmd, referenceMapping, roleForMember, storeMgr, type
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void initialize(AbstractMemberMetaData fmd, DatastoreContainerObject container, ClassLoaderResolver clr)
          Initialize this JavaTypeMapping with the given DatastoreAdapter for the given FieldMetaData.
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Constructor Detail


public EmbeddedElementPCMapping()
Method Detail


public void initialize(AbstractMemberMetaData fmd,
                       DatastoreContainerObject container,
                       ClassLoaderResolver clr)
Initialize this JavaTypeMapping with the given DatastoreAdapter for the given FieldMetaData.

initialize in class EmbeddedMapping
container - The datastore container storing this mapping (if any)
clr - the ClassLoaderResolver
fmd - FieldMetaData for the field to be mapped (if any)

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