Class IndexMapping

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

public final class IndexMapping
extends SingleFieldMapping

Mapping for Index Columns. This class is for internal use only. It should not be used in user mappings nor extended.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
datastoreContainer, datastoreMappings, LOCALISER, mmd, referenceMapping, roleForMember, storeMgr, type
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.Class getJavaType()
          Accessor for the type represented here, returning the class itself
 boolean includeInFetchStatement()
          Accessor for whether to include this column in any fetch statement
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equals, getBoolean, getByte, getChar, getDefaultLength, getDouble, getFloat, getInt, getJavaTypeForDatastoreMapping, getLong, getObject, getShort, getString, getValidValues, initialize, prepareDatastoreMapping, setBoolean, setByte, setChar, setDouble, setFloat, setInt, setLong, setObject, setShort, setString
Methods inherited from class
addDatastoreMapping, failureMessage, getColumnMetaDataForMember, getDatastoreContainer, getDatastoreMapping, getDatastoreMappings, getMemberMetaData, getNumberOfDatastoreMappings, getObject, getReferenceMapping, getRoleForMember, getType, getValueForDatastoreMapping, hashCode, hasSimpleDatastoreRepresentation, includeInInsertStatement, includeInUpdateStatement, initialize, isNullable, isSerialised, setDatastoreContainer, setMemberMetaData, setObject, setReferenceMapping, setRoleForMember
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Constructor Detail


public IndexMapping()
Method Detail


public boolean includeInFetchStatement()
Accessor for whether to include this column in any fetch statement

includeInFetchStatement in class JavaTypeMapping
Whether to include the column when fetching.


public java.lang.Class getJavaType()
Accessor for the type represented here, returning the class itself

Specified by:
getJavaType in class JavaTypeMapping
This class.

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