Class SingleFieldMultiMapping

  extended by
      extended by
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Arc2dDoubleMapping, Arc2dFloatMapping, ColorMapping, CubicCurve2dDoubleMapping, CubicCurve2dFloatMapping, Ellipse2dDoubleMapping, Ellipse2dFloatMapping, GregorianCalendarMapping, Line2dDoubleMapping, Line2dFloatMapping, Point2dDoubleMapping, Point2dFloatMapping, PointMapping, PolygonMapping, QuadCurve2dDoubleMapping, QuadCurve2dFloatMapping, Rectangle2dDoubleMapping, Rectangle2dFloatMapping, RectangleMapping, RoundRectangle2dDoubleMapping, RoundRectangle2dFloatMapping

public abstract class SingleFieldMultiMapping
extends JavaTypeMapping

Mapping to represent a field that is mapped to multiple datastore columns.

Field Summary
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datastoreContainer, datastoreMappings, LOCALISER, mmd, referenceMapping, roleForMember, storeMgr, type
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  void addDatastoreField(java.lang.String typeName)
          Convenience method to add a datastore field for this mapping.
 java.lang.String getJavaTypeForDatastoreMapping(int index)
          Accessor for the name of the java-type actually used when mapping the particular datastore field.
 boolean hasSimpleDatastoreRepresentation()
          Whether the mapping has a simple (single column) datastore representation.
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addDatastoreMapping, equals, failureMessage, getBoolean, getByte, getChar, getColumnMetaDataForMember, getDatastoreContainer, getDatastoreMapping, getDatastoreMappings, getDouble, getFloat, getInt, getJavaType, getLong, getMemberMetaData, getNumberOfDatastoreMappings, getObject, getObject, getReferenceMapping, getRoleForMember, getShort, getString, getType, getValueForDatastoreMapping, hashCode, includeInFetchStatement, includeInInsertStatement, includeInUpdateStatement, initialize, initialize, isNullable, isSerialised, setBoolean, setByte, setChar, setDatastoreContainer, setDouble, setFloat, setInt, setLong, setMemberMetaData, setObject, setObject, setReferenceMapping, setRoleForMember, setShort, setString
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Constructor Detail


public SingleFieldMultiMapping()
Method Detail


protected void addDatastoreField(java.lang.String typeName)
Convenience method to add a datastore field for this mapping. If this mapping is a "full" mapping (for a field in a table) then a Column will be added, otherwise (mapping representing a parameter in a query) will just add a datastore mapping. The datastore mapping is added to the end of the datastoreMappings.

typeName - Java type of the field to add the column for.


public java.lang.String getJavaTypeForDatastoreMapping(int index)
Accessor for the name of the java-type actually used when mapping the particular datastore field. This java-type must have an entry in the datastore mappings.

getJavaTypeForDatastoreMapping in class JavaTypeMapping
index - requested datastore field index.
the name of java-type for the requested datastore field.


public boolean hasSimpleDatastoreRepresentation()
Whether the mapping has a simple (single column) datastore representation.

hasSimpleDatastoreRepresentation in class JavaTypeMapping
Whether it has a simple datastore representation (single column)

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