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Packages that use MappingConsumer This package provides classes for the management of datastores that are "mapped". 

Uses of MappingConsumer in

Methods in with parameters of type MappingConsumer
 void DatastoreClass.provideDatastoreIdMappings(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Accessor for a mapping for the datastore ID (OID) for this table.
 void DatastoreClass.provideDiscriminatorMappings(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Provide the mappings to discriminator mappings
 void DatastoreClass.provideExternalMappings(MappingConsumer consumer, int mappingType)
          Instruction to provide all external mappings to the passed consumer.
 void DatastoreClass.provideMappingsForMembers(MappingConsumer consumer, AbstractMemberMetaData[] mmds, boolean includeSecondaryTables)
          Provide the mappings to the consumer for all specified members.
 void DatastoreClass.provideNonPrimaryKeyMappings(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Provide the mappings to the consumer for all non primary-key fields mapped to this table.
 void DatastoreClass.providePrimaryKeyMappings(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Provide the mappings to the consumer for all primary-key fields mapped to this table (for application identity).
 void DatastoreClass.provideUnmappedDatastoreFields(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Instruction to provide all datastore fields without mappings.
 void DatastoreClass.provideVersionMappings(MappingConsumer consumer)
          Provide the mappings to version mappings

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