Class FKArrayStore

  extended by
      extended by
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All Implemented Interfaces:
ArrayStore, Store

public abstract class FKArrayStore
extends AbstractArrayStore

Backing store for an array that is formed by a foreign key in the table of the element type. Only supported when the element is a PersistenceCapable type (since that has its own element table, capable of having a FK!)

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Field Summary
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clr, containerTable, elementInfo, elementIsPersistentInterface, elementMapping, elementsAreEmbedded, elementsAreSerialised, elementType, emd, iterateUsingDiscriminator, orderMapping, relationDiscriminatorMapping, relationDiscriminatorValue, specialization
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allowNulls, dba, LOCALISER, ownerMapping, ownerMemberMetaData, relationType, storeMgr
Constructor Summary
FKArrayStore(AbstractMemberMetaData fmd, MappedStoreManager storeMgr, ClassLoaderResolver clr, FKArrayStoreSpecialization specialization)
Method Summary
 void clear(ObjectProvider ownerSM)
          Method to clear the Array.
 boolean set(ObjectProvider ownerSM, java.lang.Object array)
          Method to set the array for the specified owner to the passed value.
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add, getArray, iterator
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getContainerTable, getElementInfo, getElementInformationForClass, getElementMapping, getElementType, getEmd, getOrderMapping, getRelationDiscriminatorMapping, getRelationDiscriminatorValue, hasOrderMapping, isElementsAreEmbedded, isElementsAreSerialised, size, validateElementForReading, validateElementForWriting, validateElementType
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allowsBatching, getDatastoreAdapter, getOwnerMapping, getOwnerMemberMetaData, getRelationType, getStateManagerForEmbeddedPCObject, getStoreManager, isEmbeddedMapping, setOwner
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
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getElementType, size
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Constructor Detail


public FKArrayStore(AbstractMemberMetaData fmd,
                    MappedStoreManager storeMgr,
                    ClassLoaderResolver clr,
                    FKArrayStoreSpecialization specialization)

fmd - Field MetaData for the field that this represents
storeMgr - The Store Manager in use
clr - The ClassLoaderResolver
Method Detail


public void clear(ObjectProvider ownerSM)
Method to clear the Array. This is called when the container object is being deleted and the elements are to be removed (maybe for dependent field).

Specified by:
clear in interface ArrayStore
clear in class AbstractArrayStore
ownerSM - The state manager


public boolean set(ObjectProvider ownerSM,
                   java.lang.Object array)
Method to set the array for the specified owner to the passed value.

Specified by:
set in interface ArrayStore
set in class AbstractArrayStore
ownerSM - State Manager for the owner
array - the array
Whether the array was updated successfully

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