Interface ResultObjectFactory

public interface ResultObjectFactory

An object that reads result set rows and returns corresponding object(s) from them. Different queries accomplish this in different ways so a query supplies a suitable ResultObjectFactory to each QueryResult when it is executed. The QueryResult only uses it to turn ResultSet rows into objects and otherwise manages the ResultSet itself.

For example an implementation of this interface could return a single Persistent object per row (PersistentIDROF). Another implementation could return all columns of the result set as separate objects.

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Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getObject(ExecutionContext ec, java.lang.Object rs)
          Instantiates object(s) from the current row of the given result set.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getObject(ExecutionContext ec,
                           java.lang.Object rs)
Instantiates object(s) from the current row of the given result set.

ec - ExecutionContext
rs - The result set which will be used to convert the current row into the returned object(s).
The object(s) for this row of the ResultSet.

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