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Packages that use StoreSchemaHandler Package handling the storage of classes to the datastore, and the management of the datastore. This package provides classes for the management of datastores that are "mapped". 

Uses of StoreSchemaHandler in

Fields in declared as StoreSchemaHandler
protected  StoreSchemaHandler AbstractStoreManager.schemaHandler
          Schema handler.

Methods in that return StoreSchemaHandler
 StoreSchemaHandler FederationManager.getSchemaHandler()
 StoreSchemaHandler AbstractStoreManager.getSchemaHandler()
 StoreSchemaHandler StoreManager.getSchemaHandler()
          Accessor for the store schema handler (if this datastore supports the concept of a schema).

Uses of StoreSchemaHandler in

Methods in with parameters of type StoreSchemaHandler
 void DatastoreAdapter.initialiseTypes(StoreSchemaHandler handler, ManagedConnection mconn)
          Initialise the types for this datastore.
 void DatastoreAdapter.removeUnsupportedMappings(StoreSchemaHandler handler, ManagedConnection mconn)
          Remove all mappings from the mapping manager that don't have a datastore type initialised.

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