Package org.datanucleus.util

Provides utility classes used in the implementation that don't fit in a particular functional part of the system.


Interface Summary
MacroString.MacroHandler Inner class : Macro Handler
ReferenceValueMap.ValueReference References returned by newValueReference must implement this interface to provide the corresponding map key for the value.

Class Summary
AbstractXMLEntityResolver Abstract implementation of an entity resolver for XML files.
AnnotationProcessorUtils Series of method to aid in the writing of annotation processors.
ClassUtils Utilities for handling classes.
CommandLine Command line option parser.
CommandLine.NoArgOption No argument option class.
CommandLine.Option CommandLine option base class
CommandLine.WithArgOption Use argment option class.
EntityResolverFactory Factory for Entity Resolvers.
I18nUtils Utility class for internationalization.
Imports Utility class handling Imports.
JavaUtils Utilities relating to the version of Java in use at runtime.
JDK14Logger JDK1.4 logger (java.util.logging) implementation of a NucleusLogger.
Localiser Resource Bundle manager, providing simplified means of using MessageFormat to localise the system.
Log4JLogger Log4J implementation of a NucleusLogger.
MacroString Macro String Utilities
MacroString.IdentifierMacro Inner class : Identifier Macro
MacroString.ParameterMacro Inner class : Parameter Macro
MathUtils Math Utilities.
MathUtils.SMA Simple Moving Average
MultiMap An implementation of a MultiMap, which is basically a Map with multiple values for a key.
NucleusLogger Logging framework for DataNucleus.
NullLogger Null implementation of a NucleusLogger.
PersistenceUtils Series of convenience methods for the persistence process.
ReferenceValueMap A java.util.Map implementation using reference values.
RegularExpressionConverter Converter for a "matches" regular expression replacing the Java regular expression constructs with datastore-specific constructs.
SoftValueMap A java.util.Map implementation with soft values.
StringUtils Utilities for String manipulation.
TypeConversionHelper Class with methods for type conversion.
ViewUtils Utilities for handling Views.
WeakValueMap A java.util.Map implementation using weak reference values.

Enum Summary

Package org.datanucleus.util Description

Provides utility classes used in the implementation that don't fit in a particular functional part of the system.

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