Package org.datanucleus.enhancer.bcel.method

Enhancement method representations for use with the BCEL ClassEnhancer.


Class Summary
CheckReadMethod Create CHECK_READ method.
CheckWriteMethod Create CHECK_READ method.
DefaultConstructor Representation of a (protected) Default Constructor.
InitFieldFlags Create jdoFieldFlags init method.
InitFieldNames Create jdoFieldNames init method.
InitFieldTypes Create jdoFieldTypes init method.
InitPersistenceCapableSuperClass Create persistenceCapableSuperclass init method.
IsXXXMethod Create jdoIsNew and jdoIsDirty methods in base class.
JdoCopyField create jdoCopyField method.
JdoCopyFields create jdoCopyFields method.
JdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId Create the jdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(ObjectIdFieldConsumer fc, Object oid) method.
JdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId2 Creates the jdoCopyKeyFieldsFromObjectId(Object oid) method.
JdoCopyKeyFieldsToObjectId create jdoCopyKeyFieldsToObjectId( Object oid ) method.
JdoCopyKeyFieldsToObjectId2 create jdoCopyKeyFieldsToObjectId( ObjectIdFieldSupplier fs, Object oid ) method.
JdoGetManagedFieldCount The generated method returns the number of managed fields in this class plus the number of inherited managed fields.
JdoGetObjectId Creates the jdoGetObjectId() method.
JdoGetPersistenceManager create jdoGetPersistenceManager method.
JdoGetTransactionalObjectId create jdoGetTransactionalObjectId method.
JdoGetVersion Creates the jdoGetVersion() method.
JdoIsDeleted create jdoIsDeleted method.
JdoIsDetached Creates the jdoIsDetached() method found in the root persistent class in a hierarchy.
JdoIsDirty Create jdoIsDirty() method.
JdoIsNew create jdoIsNew method.
JdoIsPersistent create jdoIsPersistent method.
JdoIsTransactional create jdoIsTransactional method.
JdoMakeDirty create jdoMakeDirty method.
JdoNewInstance1 create jdoNewInstance method.
JdoNewInstance2 create jdoNewInstance method.
JdoNewObjectIdInstance1 Create the jdoNewObjectIdInstance() method.
JdoNewObjectIdInstance2 Create the jdoNewObjectIdInstance(Object) method.
JdoPreSerialize create JdoPreSerialize method.
JdoProvideField create jdoProvideField method.
JdoProvideFields create jdoProvideFields method.
JdoReplaceDetachedState Create jdoReplaceDetachedState() method.
JdoReplaceField create jdoReplaceField method.
JdoReplaceFields create jdoReplaceFields method.
JdoReplaceFlags create jdoReplaceFlags method.
JdoReplaceStateManager create jdoReplaceStateManager method.
LoadClass create loadClass method.
PropertyGetterMethod Enhance a persistent property setter
PropertySetterMethod Enhance a persistent property setter
SuperClone Create jdoSuperClone method.
WriteObject Create WriteObject method.

Package org.datanucleus.enhancer.bcel.method Description

Enhancement method representations for use with the BCEL ClassEnhancer. Each class represents a JDO enhanced method that are added to a class during the enhancement process.

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