Package org.datanucleus.enhancer

DataNucleus ByteCode enhancer.


Interface Summary
ClassEnhancer Interface representation of an enhancer of a class.

Class Summary
AbstractClassEnhancer Abstract representation of a class enhancer.
AbstractImplementationCreator Abstract representation of an implementation creator.
AbstractImplementationGenerator Abstract representation of a generator of implementations of abstract-classes/interfaces.
ClassField Representation of a field that an enhanced class requires.
ClassMethod Representation of a method that an enhanced class requires.
DataNucleusClassFileTransformer Entry Point (as per Java) for transforming classes at runtime.
DataNucleusEnhancer DataNucleus Byte-Code Enhancer.
EnhancerClassLoader ClassLoader for newly defined classes.
RuntimeEnhancer Class that will enhance a class at runtime called via the ClassTransformer.

Exception Summary
NucleusEnhanceException Exception thrown during enhancement when an error occurs.

Package org.datanucleus.enhancer Description

DataNucleus ByteCode enhancer. The DataNucleusEnhancer class is the typical entry point for command line usage.

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