Package org.datanucleus.enhancer.asm

Class Enhancer using ObjectWeb ASM (


Class Summary
ASMClassEnhancer Class enhancer using ASM (
ASMClassEnhancer.MyClassVisitor Convenience class to look up the class name for a file.
ASMClassMethod Representation of a method required by an enhanced class, for use by ASM.
ASMImplementationCreator Creator of persistable objects using the ASM bytecode manipulation library.
ASMImplementationGenerator Implementation generator using ASM bytecode manipulation library.
ASMUtils Utility class for ASM.
JdoClassAdapter Adapter visitor class for providing enhancement of an existing class using ASM.
JdoClassChecker Visitor used to check the enhancement state of a class.
JdoMethodAdapter Adapter for methods in JDO-enabled classes allowing enhancement of direct access to user fields.
JdoPropertyGetterAdapter Adapter for property getter methods in JDO-enabled classes.
JdoPropertySetterAdapter Adapter for property setter methods in JDO-enabled classes.

Package org.datanucleus.enhancer.asm Description

Class Enhancer using ObjectWeb ASM ( ASM uses a SAXParser-like visitor pattern and the design of this package reflects this.

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