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org.datanucleus.jpa.criteria Package providing an implementation of the JPA2 "criteria query" API. 

Uses of FromImpl in org.datanucleus.jpa.criteria

Subclasses of FromImpl in org.datanucleus.jpa.criteria
 class CollectionJoinImpl<Z,E>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "CollectionJoin".
 class JoinImpl<Z,X>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "Join".
 class ListJoinImpl<Z,E>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "ListJoin".
 class MapJoinImpl<Z,K,V>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "MapJoin".
 class PluralJoinImpl<Z,C,E>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "PluralJoin".
 class RootImpl<X>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "Root".
 class SetJoinImpl<Z,E>
          Implementation of JPA2 Criteria "SetJoin".

Constructors in org.datanucleus.jpa.criteria with parameters of type FromImpl
CollectionJoinImpl(FromImpl parent, CollectionAttributeImpl attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a collection join.
FetchImpl(FromImpl<?,Z> parent, AttributeImpl<? super Z,X> attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a fetch join to an entity.
JoinImpl(FromImpl<?,Z> parent, PluralAttributeImpl<? super Z,java.util.Collection<X>,X> attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a join to a collection (1-N, M-N relations).
JoinImpl(FromImpl<?,Z> parent, SingularAttributeImpl<Z,X> attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a join to an entity (1-1, N-1 relations).
ListJoinImpl(FromImpl<?,Z> parent, ListAttributeImpl attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a list join.
MapJoinImpl(FromImpl parent, PluralAttributeImpl attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
PluralJoinImpl(FromImpl parent, PluralAttributeImpl<? super Z,java.util.Collection<E>,E> attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
SetJoinImpl(FromImpl parent, SetAttributeImpl attr, javax.persistence.criteria.JoinType joinType)
          Constructor for a set join.

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