Package containing mappings for datastore (JDBC) types.


Class Summary
AbstractLargeBinaryRDBMSMapping Mapping of a large binary (e.g BLOB, LONGVARBINARY) RDBMS type.
BigIntRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Big Integer RDBMS type.
BitRDBMSMapping Mapping of a BIT RDBMS type.
BlobRDBMSMapping Mapping of a BLOB RDBMS type.
BooleanRDBMSMapping Mapping of a BOOLEAN RDBMS type.
CharRDBMSMapping Mapping of a CHAR RDBMS type.
ClobRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Clob RDBMS type.
DatalinkRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Datalink RDBMS type (used by DB2).
DateRDBMSMapping Mapping of a DATE RDBMS type.
DecimalRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Decimal RDBMS type.
DoubleRDBMSMapping Mapping of a DOUBLE RDBMS type.
FloatRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Float RDBMS type.
IntegerRDBMSMapping Mapping of a INTEGER RDBMS type.
LongVarBinaryRDBMSMapping Mapping of a LONGVARBINARY RDBMS type.
LongVarcharRDBMSMapping Mapping of a Long VARCHAR RDBMS type.
NumericRDBMSMapping Mapping of a numeric RDBMS type.
RDBMSMapping Implementation of the mapping of an RDBMS type.
RDBMSMappingManager Mapping manager for RDBMS datastores.
RealRDBMSMapping Mapping of a REAL RDBMS type.
SmallIntRDBMSMapping Mapping of a SMALLINT RDBMS type.
TimeRDBMSMapping Mapping of a TIME RDBMS type.
TimestampRDBMSMapping Mapping of a TIMESTAMP RDBMS type.
TinyIntRDBMSMapping Mapping of a TINYINT RDBMS type.
VarBinaryRDBMSMapping Mapping of a VARBINARY RDBMS type.
VarCharRDBMSMapping Mapping of a VARCHAR RDBMS type.

Package Description

Package containing mappings for datastore (JDBC) types. These mappings will be mapped via the RDBMSMappingManager to the various java type mappings in

These are datastore (JDBC) types, and probably most of them are atomic types mapping to atomic java types

Mappings map persistent java fields in PersistenceCapable classes to columns in RDBMS tables. Mappings are also used to map "non-fields" in PersistenceCapable classes to columns in RDBMS tables. A class using datastore identity does not have java fields representing primary-keys in RDBMS tables, but as said ealier a Mapping is also applied to "non-fields". Therefore, a Mapping is applied to:

In addition to the representation of columns in tables for PersistenceCapable classes, Mappings are also used for representing fields in queries.

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