Package providing management of the persistence to RDBMS datastores.


Interface Summary
ConnectionProvider Connects to a DataSource to obtain a Connection.

Class Summary
AbstractSchemaTransaction An abstract base class for RDBMSManager transactions that perform some schema operation on the database.
ConnectionFactoryImpl ConnectionFactory for RDBMS datastores.
ConnectionProviderPriorityList Utility class for Failover
DeleteTablesSchemaTransaction Schema transaction for deleting all known tables.
JDBCUtils Convenience helper for JDBC.
JDOConnectionImpl Implementation of a JDO connection for RDBMS datastores.
NucleusSequenceImpl Basic implementation of a DataNucleus datastore sequence for RDBMS.
RDBMSFetchStatement Representation of a Fetch statement for RDBMS datastores.
RDBMSManager StoreManager for RDBMS datastores.
RDBMSPersistenceHandler Handler for persistence for RDBMS datastores.
RDBMSPropertyValidator Validator for persistence properties used by RDBMS.
RDBMSStoreData Representation of a class (FCO) / field (SCO) that is persisted to an RDBMS table.
RDBMSStoreHelper Provides a series of utilities assisting in the datastore management process for RDBMS datastores.
SchemaAutoStarter Implementation of an Auto-Start Mechanism for DataNucleus.
SchemaTool SchemaTool providing an interface for the maintenance of schemas.
SchemaToolTask SchemaTool Ant Task.
SQLController Controller for execution of SQL statements to the underlying RDBMS datastore.
ValidateTableSchemaTransaction Schema transaction to validate the specified table.

Package Description

Package providing management of the persistence to RDBMS datastores. All subpackages below this level are specific to RDBMS.

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