Class Oracle99QueryStatement

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public class Oracle99QueryStatement
extends QueryStatement

Representation of a Query Statement in Oracle 9 or upper. Oracle has an NLSSortOrder control for order clauses. Default value is "LATIN", but a value of "BINARY" disables native language sorting

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Constructor Summary
Oracle99QueryStatement( initialTable, alias, org.datanucleus.ClassLoaderResolver clr)
          QueryStatement constructor.
Method Summary
protected generateOrderingStatement()
          Convenience method to generate the ordering statement to add to the overall query statement.
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Constructor Detail


public Oracle99QueryStatement( initialTable,
                              org.datanucleus.ClassLoaderResolver clr)
QueryStatement constructor.

initialTable - The main table for this statement.
alias - The alias for the main table
clr - ClassLoader resolver
Method Detail


protected generateOrderingStatement()
Convenience method to generate the ordering statement to add to the overall query statement.

generateOrderingStatement in class QueryStatement
The ordering statement

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