Class InsertRequest

  extended by
      extended by

public class InsertRequest
extends Request

Class to provide a means of insertion of records to a data store. Extends basic request class implementing the execute method to do a JDBC insert operation.

When inserting an object with inheritance this will involve 1 InsertRequest for each table involved. So if we have a class B that extends class A and they both use "new-table" inheritance strategy, we will have 2 InsertRequests, one for table A, and one for table B. When the InsertRequest starts to populate its statement and it has a PC field, this calls PersistenceCapableMapping.setObject(). This then checks if the other PC object is yet persistent and, if not, will persist it before processing this objects INSERT. This forms the key to "persistence-by-reachability".

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
key, LOCALISER, table
Constructor Summary
InsertRequest( table, java.lang.Class cls, org.datanucleus.ClassLoaderResolver clr)
          Constructor, taking the table.
Method Summary
 void execute(org.datanucleus.StateManager sm)
          Method performing the insertion of the record from the datastore.
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Constructor Detail


public InsertRequest( table,
                     java.lang.Class cls,
                     org.datanucleus.ClassLoaderResolver clr)
Constructor, taking the table. Uses the structure of the datastore table to build a basic query.

table - The Class Table representing the datastore table to insert.
cls - Class of objects being updated
clr - ClassLoader resolver
Method Detail


public void execute(org.datanucleus.StateManager sm)
Method performing the insertion of the record from the datastore. Takes the constructed insert query and populates with the specific record information.

Specified by:
execute in class Request
sm - The state manager for the record to be inserted

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