Class DerbyTypeInfo

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public class DerbyTypeInfo
extends SQLTypeInfo

SQL Type info for Derby datastores.

Field Summary
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allowsPrecisionSpec, autoIncrement, caseSensitive, createParams, dataType, fixedPrecScale, literalPrefix, literalSuffix, localTypeName, maximumScale, minimumScale, nullable, numPrecRadix, precision, searchable, typeName, unsignedAttribute
Constructor Summary
DerbyTypeInfo(java.sql.ResultSet rs)
          Constructs a type information object from the current row of the given result set.
Method Summary
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addProperty, equals, getCreateParams, getDataType, getLiteralPrefix, getLiteralSuffix, getLocalTypeName, getMaximumScale, getMinimumScale, getNullable, getNumPrecRadix, getPrecision, getProperty, getSearchable, getTypeName, hashCode, isAllowsPrecisionSpec, isAutoIncrement, isCaseSensitive, isCompatibleWith, isFixedPrecScale, isUnsignedAttribute, setAllowsPrecisionSpec, setLocalTypeName, setTypeName, toString
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clone, finalize, getClass, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


public DerbyTypeInfo(java.sql.ResultSet rs)
Constructs a type information object from the current row of the given result set.

rs - The result set returned from DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo().

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