Interface SQLLiteral

All Known Implementing Classes:
ArrayLiteral, BooleanLiteral, ByteLiteral, CharacterLiteral, CollectionLiteral, EnumLiteral, FloatingPointLiteral, IntegerLiteral, MapLiteral, MapLiteral.MapKeyLiteral, MapLiteral.MapValueLiteral, NullLiteral, ObjectLiteral, ParameterLiteral, StringLiteral, TemporalLiteral

public interface SQLLiteral

Representation of an SQL Literal in a query.

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getValue()
          Accessor to the literal value
 void setNotParameter()
          Method to set this literal as not being a parameter.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getValue()
Accessor to the literal value

the value of the literal


void setNotParameter()
Method to set this literal as not being a parameter. If the literal if not currently a parameter then does nothing. Updates any underlying SQL to have the value.

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