Class MaxGenerator

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public class MaxGenerator
extends AbstractRDBMSGenerator

This generator for Relational Databases uses the "select max(column) from table" strategy. The block size is limited to 1. MaxPoidGenerator works with numbers, so clients using this generator must cast the ID to Long *

Required user properties

Optional user properties

Field Summary
protected static org.datanucleus.util.Localiser LOCALISER_RDBMS
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connectionProvider, storeMgr
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allocationSize, block, initialValue, LOCALISER, name, properties, repositoryExists
Constructor Summary
MaxGenerator(java.lang.String name, java.util.Properties props)
Method Summary reserveBlock(long size)
          Method to reserve a block of identities.
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obtainGenerationBlock, requiresConnection
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setConnectionProvider, setStoreManager
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allocate, createRepository, current, currentValue, getName, getStorageClass, next, nextValue, obtainGenerationBlock, repositoryExists, requiresRepository, reserveBlock
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Field Detail


protected static final org.datanucleus.util.Localiser LOCALISER_RDBMS
Constructor Detail


public MaxGenerator(java.lang.String name,
                    java.util.Properties props)

name - Symbolic name for this generator
props - Properties defining the behaviour of this generator
Method Detail


public reserveBlock(long size)
Method to reserve a block of identities. Note : Only allocates a single id always.

Specified by:
reserveBlock in class
size - The block size
The reserved block

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