DataNucleus RDBMS 3.1.6-SNAPSHOT API

DataNucleus "RDBMS" provides persistence of Java objects to RDBMS datastores.

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Package Description
Package providing management of the persistence to RDBMS datastores.
Provides mappings of all supported databases to aspects of the database that determines the SQL generation.
Package providing additional implementation(s) for the auto-start mechanism for RDBMS datastores.
This package provides classes for generating (RDBMS) DataSources for use with DataNucleus.
This package contains any additional Java types that are considered useful within the implementation, that map nicely to datastore contexts.
Provides field-managers to populate JDBC Statements, and to extract from JDBC ResultSets.
This package contains wrappers to various types of keys found in RDBMS databases.
Package containing mappings for datastore (JDBC) types.
Package containing mappings for Oracle datastores, extending on the mappings found in packages and
Package providing the querying mechanism for DataNucleus for RDBMS datastores.
Provides the mechanism of communicating with the database using JDBC.
Provides a definition of the schema in the datastore, including tables, columns and types.
This package provides classes defining the (SCO) backing store for various container classes (Collections/Maps/arrays) within DataNucleus.
Series of classes used to generate SQL statements.
Series of expressions representing conditions in SQL statements.
Support for invocation of Java methods, typically using SQL functions.
Support for operations between expressions where we may need to use SQL functions.
Provides the internal DataNucleus definition of a table/view and its columns.
Package providing a series of value generators for use in RDBMS datastores.

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