Class JodaLocalDateLiteral

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      extended by
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public class JodaLocalDateLiteral
extends JodaLiteral

Representation of an JodaTime "LocalDate" literal.

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LOCALISER, lowestOperator, mapping, parameterName, st, stmt, subExprs, table
Constructor Summary
JodaLocalDateLiteral( stmt, mapping, java.lang.Object value, java.lang.String parameterName)
          Constructor for an LocalDate literal with a value.
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getValue()
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Constructor Detail


public JodaLocalDateLiteral( stmt,
                            java.lang.Object value,
                            java.lang.String parameterName)
Constructor for an LocalDate literal with a value.

stmt - the SQL statement
mapping - the mapping
value - the value
parameterName - Name of the parameter that this represents if any (as JDBC "?")
Method Detail


public java.lang.Object getValue()

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