DataNucleus Launch

April 26th 2008- DataNucleus is launched as the successor for Java Persistent Objects (JPOX). Since its inception in 2003 JPOX has gathered a loyal following as a Java persistence solution, initially implementing the JDO1 specification and then later the JDO2, JDO2.1 and JPA1 specifications. It was designed from the outset to be flexible and be standards compliant.

DataNucleus will be providing a series of products centred around the data management domain within Java applications. The baseline product is DataNucleus Access Platform providing persistence using JDO or JPA APIs to RDBMS, db4o, LDAP, Excel and XML datastores. It allows use of JDO and JPA XML/annotations with either JDO or JPA API (interchangeably) to any of its supported datastores, and allowing querying using JDOQL (JDO API), JPQL (JDO/JPA APIs), SQL (JDO/JPA APIs), and db4o Native (JDO API). It will be continually extended to provide a wider range of datastore support, together with improved and more flexible querying, supporting all pertinent standards in the data persistence domain.

DataNucleus is available to provide consulting, training and support for all DataNucleus products, delivering unparalleled experience with this software.