DataNucleus Events

DataNucleus is an open source project and, as such, we do not have resources for regularly presenting DataNucleus at conferences etc. On occasion however we will present DataNucleus when it is of relevance to a particular subject matter, and some company in that field invites us to present. Below are some of the presentations that we have made on JPOX/DataNucleus. If you or your company are interested in DataNucleus presenting at a particular conference you could sponsor us to do this. Please contact us for details

Event Date Location Presenter Title Downloads
JavaHispano PodCast 2010 Oct 21, 2010 Andy Jefferson JavaHispano Podcast
2nd International Conference on LDAP,
LDAPCon 2009
Sep 20-21, 2009 Portland, OR Stefan Seelmann Java LDAP Persistence with DataNucleus |
db4o User Conference 2008,
Mar 12-14, 2008 Berlin Andy Jefferson Use of Standardised APIs with db4o |