Access Platform
DataNucleus AccessPlatform Release 1.1

Release 1.1 of AccessPlatform built on top of the 1.0 release adding further stability. The following features (amongst other things) are included in this release

  • Move to JDK1.5+, dropping support for earlier JDKs
  • Provide enhanced support for querying across all datastores
  • Rewrite of RDBMS JDOQL/JPQL support using the generic compiler and allowing caching of queries for that datastore.
  • More complete implementation of JPA2 - dependent on spec release timings
  • Provide a Datastore Replication process
  • Addition of support for Open Document Format (ODF) persistence.
  • Support for JDO3 Metadata and Enhancer APIs

This version of AccessPlatform is stable and considered ready for production use. It is no longer actively developed, so consider using version 2.0 for production use now.